Spring wildlife

Lambs in a field

Spring is our favourite time of year. With spring flowers and baby animals, there's nothing not to like.

Across the Skyline, spring is bringing the Skyline to life. You'll hear birdsong across the acres of land we care for. 

Keep an eye out for newborn lambs and calves at Rainbow Wood Farm on Claverton Down. 

If you are lucky, you might spot some calves at Rainbow Wood Farm
Calves on the Bath Skyline

As birds build their nests, you might spot a bird overhead with a beak full of twigs - valuable building material.

On warm sunny days, look out for early butterflies and bees, as they search out the spring flowers.

A male Brimstone butterfly.
A Male Brimstone Butterfly on a dandelion at Wicken Fen
Sheep are grazing Richens Orchard

Sheep grazing on the Skyline

We use a small flock of sheep to manage Richens Orchard. Find out more here.