Volunteering on the Bath Skyline

 A ranger volunteer installing a bench on the Bath Skyline

Our volunteers mean a lot to us, and they bring a huge variety of skills to their roles. Without them we really couldn't carry out crucial conservation work, complete projects, or deliver events.

Mike, a volunteer on the Skyline

Mike, volunteer ranger

"I get so much out of volunteering. Fresh air, intensive exercise, small-team companionship, end-of-the-day and long-term satisfaction in a worthwhile activity, and a wonderful sense of the seasons. My favourite area is Bathampton Wood - probably the wildest part of the Skyline these days - emerging at the northern end to the view across the Avon to Little Solsbury Hill. The view of Bath from “the Balcony” above Prior Park runs it a close second, though."

Vicky, a volunteer on Bath Skyline

Vicky, childrens events volunteer

"I'd had some experience with children and like the idea of encouraging them to enjoy nature - both for their own fun and so they will gain an understanding and appreciation of land, plants and animals. The activities included active things like den building or creative such as making models with mud or creating leaf pictures. But best of all, I had as much, if not more fun as the kids when I dressed as a pirate and travelled aboard our amazing homemade pirate ship to foreign lands, with the help of a large crew of children."

Bath National Trust Volunteer Group

If you're looking to volunteer, but can't commit to every week, how does once a month sound? Bath National Trust Volunteers (BNTV) meet on the first Sunday of every month, with no obligation to attend regularly. The group regularly works on the Skyline, as well as Prior Park, Dyrham Park, Tyntesfield amongst other places in the Bath area. To find out more, email priorpark@nationaltrust.org.uk or call Sarah on 07773232938.