What we're doing at the moment

The pond project on the Balcony

As the signs of spring begin to appear on the Skyline, the rangers are busy preparing for the season to come.

March 2017

We have now come to the end of the calcareous grassland restoration work for this year, in time for the start of the bird nesting season. We have made really great progress on Rainbow Wood Fields and Sham Castle Down and we look forward to continuing that work next winter.

We've spent some time in Richens Orchard clearing back the blackthorn and fixing the fence to make the field more secure for when the sheep return. A new walnut tree and an apple tree kindly donated by volunteers have been planted. We've also re-guarded some of the fruit trees and begun pruning in the hope that the trees will be more productive for next season.

A small mixed hedge has been planted at the new entrance to the skyline by prior park with the aim to eventually lay it. We have also planted a thicket of hawthorn and blackthorn in the Woodland Play Area to create a nice understory for wildlife.

We've been doing lots of work for the children that visit the skyline, coppicing in Smallcombe Wood to gather new den building materials for the Woodland Play Area and creating new fairy doors for the family discovery trail.