Conservation work

Rangers thinning trees in Smallcombe Wood

Winter is the time for habitat management. The ranger team are busy scrub bashing, and preparing for some hedge-laying, and the cattle have finished grazing for the year.

Here's a look back at some of work that has been going on this year.



The pond on the Balcony that was restored in Autumn 2016 is getting a bit of attention. Dead hedges have been laid to try and discourage dogs from jumping in, and there will be more planting to improve the water quality and provide habitat for invertebrates.

Volunteers working on a dead hedge along the pond edge.



This month we are doing some of the usual summer jobs which include path cutting to make sure routes are accessible for visitors. When we cut alongside the paths, we make sure to rake off all the cuttings to ensure the fertility of the verges is kept low. This helps to increase the diversity of wildflowers which is brilliant for pollinating insects

The ranger team have also been working on some exciting seed collecting in the wildflower meadows.