What we're doing at the moment

Volunteer conservation group at Solsbury Hill, Bath Skyline

Many of the wildflowers on the Bath Skyline have now passed their best. They are setting seed, and the annual hay cut is approaching. The ranger team are busy keeping paths clear and sprucing things up ready for the summer holidays.

May 2017

Our ranger team recently worked with Bath Bus Company to cut overhanging trees along the Skyline tour route. They climbed up to the top deck of the open top bus - a perfect height from which to trim the trees.


We have been working to refurbish and improve the woodland play area, ready for visits by lots of families in the summer months.

There is now a new installation, a stepping stone feature made from large limestones and a huge trunk which was left from a tree which had to be felled for safety. It took two days to move the trunk to its final position just a few metres away, and it forms the centre of the stepping stone trail. We used large wooden rollers, tractor power and lots of hands to manoeuvre it into place.

Creating a new play installation in the Woodland Play Area
Tractor and rangers working hard to move a tree stump into position

The new improved swing is proving very popular with lots of children (and adults) enjoying themselves. The rope monkey bars and other rope installations have also had some work done to make them even more fun to play on. We hope you will have fun exploring this special place.


This month we are doing some of the usual summer jobs which include path cutting to make sure routes are accessible for visitors. When we cut alongside the paths, we make sure to rake off all the cuttings to ensure the fertility of the verges is kept low. This helps to increase the diversity of wildflowers which is brilliant for pollinating insects

The ranger team have also been working on some exciting seed collecting in the wildflower meadows, and we'll bring you more on this soon...