What we're doing at the moment

The pond project on the Balcony

Winter is a time of preparation on the Skyline. Paths have been prepared through the autumn for the wetter weather, fields have been raked and everything checked to make sure its ship shape.

Over the last month or so the ranger team has been busy on an exciting pond project. They have reinstated an old pond, that is fed by a natural spring. The pond was dug out to deepen it, and lined with puddling clay. A boardwalk was then constructed around three sides of the pond to allow access. We hope to start pond dipping event for the public next summer, and the pond will be a great wildlife feature on the Skyline

A volunteer works on the pond
A volunteer works on a pond project

As we move into Winter it’s time to get back to habitat management. If you’re out on the Skyline in the coming months, you might smell signs of a bonfire, as the ranger team get to work with scrub clearance to conserve the rare limestone grassland. 

Winter volunteers on the Skyline with a bonfire