What we're doing at the moment

Winter volunteers on the Skyline with a bonfire

Winter is a time of preparation on the Skyline. Paths have been prepared through the autumn for the wetter weather, fields have been raked and everything checked to make sure its ship shape.


This month, we will mainly be:

Hedge Laying

As we move through Christmas and into the depths of winter, we're continuing with hedge laying. A section of hedge is laid on the Skyline each year as part of hedgerow management. If a part of hedgerow is left unmanaged, it will continue to grow upwards and outwards and will eventually become a line of trees.

Where farmers keep cattle or sheep a good hedge is essential as it provides shelter unlike a barbed wire fence. Hedges are also important for our wildlife and they look much better than other options. A well-managed hedgerow is thick and bushy, stops sheep and cows getting through and is a haven for wildlife. Cattle will lean against a hedge and make gaps whilst Sheep push through the base; hedge laying prevents this. 

This winter, a 90-metre section in Bathwick Fields, above Richen’s Orchard, will be laid by Rangers and volunteers of the Skyline team. Hedge laying is always carried out in the winter as the sap is low and trees are dormant; this must be completed by early March when the bird nesting season starts.