What we're doing this summer

Volunteers working on Bathwick Fields

Summer is one of the finest times on the Skyline - it also means lots of hard work.

During the summer we turn our attention to the paths. With the recent rapid growth of the path-side vegetation, the summer is the time to get the brushcutters out, clear the paths of overhanging nettles and grasses, and improve access for our visitors. You might see our ranger team out along the path network in the coming months.

We are also planning the annual hay cut in a number of the Skyline fields; Bathwick Fields, Smallcombe Vale, parts of Bushey Norwood, and Klondyke Field. These are areas that are cut only once per year (always after 11 July), with the cut coming after the wildflowers have set their seed. Cattle will then be introduced into Bathwick Fields, to graze until the autumn.

Refurbished lower entrance to Rainbow Wood fields

The Skyline volunteers have been busy helping to refurbish the old field entrance to Rainbow Wood fields. It now forms a highly visible link between Prior Park and the Bath Skyline.  We decided that the old iron gate and its posts, which may well date from Ralph Allen’s time, deserved some restoration, as it is very bent and broken. We had a fantastic volunteer session taking the gate off, painting the ancient fence and posts, and re-siting the kissing gate so that it sits level. Limestone sets were carefully dug into the ground to retain rain runoff and hoggin was spread onto the ground to give the gateway a nice cared for feel.

Brambles were cut from the hedge and the bank has started to be prepared for the installation of a welcome board with map and information. This will mean visitors can see where they are and be able to access the Skyline walk which is just at the top of the fields. 

Sheep are grazing Richens Orchard

Sheep grazing on the Skyline

We use a small flock of sheep to manage Richens Orchard. Find out more here.