Winter wildlife on the Skyline

Winter is often thought of as a quiet time for wildlife, as creatures hibernate or migrate for the winter. There's still plenty of wildlife to spot if you know where to look.

Deep in the earth of the Skyline, badgers are sleeping, squirrels snoozing and hedgehogs are taking a nap. However, there are still plenty of animals scurrying about, keeping busy and warm. 

Look out for birds of prey soaring high over rainbow Wood Fields, and smaller birds feasting on the berries and seeds left over from the summers flowers.

As you wander through the woodlands you might just come across a scampering squirrel, or see signs of rabbits - even if they are hiding away in the warmth of their burrows on these chilly winter days.

If we think about the bigger animals, we shouldn’t forget about the cows. Not exactly wild, but still an important part of the Skyline. They can still be seen in many areas of the Skyline in early winter, with a little more grazing to do before they head back to the farm at the end of November.

Our friends at Prior Park have a list of tips for spotting wildlife. 

Easter at Prior Park

Top tips for spotting wildlife 

These top wildlife spotting tips will help you get the most out of your visit to the garden.