50 Things to do on the Skyline

With 500 acres to run, explore and play in, the Skyline is a good choice if you want to tick off some of your 50 Things.

Bug Hunting at Bath Skyline

Bathwick Fields

The slopes overlooking the city mean you can start your list with a view. You could try to ‘fly a kite’, and find a blade of grass to ‘make a grass trumpet’. In the summer the grass is long and the fields are full with wildflowers – so try to ‘hunt for bugs’. Can you hear any grasshoppers?

The sign at Smallcombe

Smallcombe Vale

As you follow the Skyline path away from the city, there are some great opportunities to ‘climb a huge hill’. Why not have a race to the top!

A family on the Bath Skyline walk

Family Discovery Trail 

There are activity stations, and suggestions for activities around the trail. You can ‘hunt for bugs’ among the deadwood piles, and ‘go bird watching’ along the balcony, where buzzards like to glide across the sky. Why not ‘make a trail with sticks’ as you walk through the woods, and when you reach the woodland play there is so much to explore.

Girl making daisy chains

Bushey Norwood

Bushey Norwood and its vast expanse of grassland can play host to all sorts of activities. Running races, picnics, or you could try to ‘make a daisy chain’.