Exploring Bembridge Windmill

Interior of Bembridge Windmill

Bembridge Windmill is one of the National Trust’s little gems. Although no longer working there are four floors to explore with original machinery to see and touch and far-reaching views from the middle floors.

Climbing to the top

The floors are reached by steep steps so you can climb to the top and follow the milling process as you find your way back down.

How does the mill work?

Most of the machinery is around 300 years old and worn smooth with age.  On the ground floor there is a model of the mill so you can see the inner workings in one go. There is also a short film which shows the milling process at a similar windmill during Victorian times.

See for yourself

The mill is a wonderful place to visit on still, sunny days but when the wind is blowing it creaks and groans as if trying to tell its own story to visitors.  Why not visit us?  See if you can find the hidden mice, take one of our trails and discover more about this important part of the Island’s heritage.