Things to see and do at Bembridge Windmill

It might only be small but this little gem, the last surviving windmill on the Isle of Wight, has plenty to keep you occupied. From climbing to the top and discovering the milling process, to hunting for the hidden millers, adults and little ones will find a windmill full of history.

Climb to the top

Start your visit by climbing to the top of the windmill's four floors. Then you can follow the milling process as you come down.

See how the windmill worked

With the help of our model of Bembridge Windmill and a short film about milling, you can find out how the windmill worked before it closed in 1913.
If you’d like even more information about the history of the windmill and how it worked, or just a souvenir of your visit, then we also have a guide book for sale at a cost of £2.
Discover how the windmill works
People looking at the machinery inside Bembridge Windmill on the Isle of Wight
Discover how the windmill works

Family fun

Just in case exploring the windmill is not enough to keep young children occupied, we have hidden six millers inside for them to find. See if you can you discover our secret millers, including Grindstone Cowboy and Milly Metre. These include at least one lady as, unusually, Bembridge Windmill once had a lady miller.
Look out for some of our previous winners such as Lewis Hamillton and Bob Barley, who have joined Milly Metre and her friends. You can pick up your free trail sheet from visitor reception before going into the windmill and enter the competition to name a new miller.
Try grinding flour in Bembridge Windmill
Lady and little girl learning how to make flour in Bembridge Windmill
Try grinding flour in Bembridge Windmill

On the bottom floor of the windmill and you can even try grinding some flour, just at the millers that worked here once did.

Make a day of it

Several footpaths pass the windmill, making it a good place to either start your walk from or to visit as you go by. The kiosk sells hot and cold drinks and ice creams, so it's also a useful refreshment stop.
Two visitors to Bembridge Winmill sat in front of the windmill drinking a hot drink with biscuits on the table.

A bite to eat and a spot of shopping

If you’re feeling thirsty, fancy making even more of your day at the windmill, or want a reminder of your visit, then spend a little time looking around our visitor entrance shop. With refreshing hot and cold drinks, activities to try at the windmill and plenty of gifts, it’s a great place to explore.


Our family nature identification trails

If you're visiting during the school holidays try one of our family nature trails around the windmill grounds. The area is small so there’s no danger of getting lost, but it's suprising what you can find out.

50 things to do before you're 11 ¾

Make friends with a bug in the hedgerows around the mill, get to know a tree or fly a kite in the grounds. These are just a few of our '50 things to do before you're 11¾' that you can try . Ask at visitor reception for your free leaflet to help you get started.

Stay for longer

Not far from Bembridge Windmill is St Helens Duver. Here you can pick from two holiday cottages to stay in. They're close to each other and near to the beach: The Old Club House and Old Church Lodge.