Things to see and do

The house and the church

Benthall may be a small estate, but it’s packed full of things to do. As well as visit around the house you can stroll around the gardens, get tea and cake in the tea-room then walk it off on a walk through the park and woods.

The house is still tenanted by the Benthall family today, and they can trace their lineage back to the Saxon period on this site. Inside the house you can discover more about the family, how the house was lost out of the family line, but then eventually bought back. You will also find out the impact the tenants had one this place in this interim period. There are a number of interesting features to see in the house, including the staircase, wood panelling and plaster ceilings.  

The front of the house is beautiful in spring
The front of the house with blossom
The front of the house is beautiful in spring

Outside in the garden you can wonder around hidden paths, sit on bench in the rose garden and take in the heady scent of the roses and hear the bees buzzing around. In the spring and autumn you will see the crocuses in flower, these are very special to us as one of the tenants, George Maw, collected crocuses from all around the world and brought them back to Benthall for his own personal collection.

In early summer the walk around the park is made very special by the orchids
Orchids growing in the park at Benthall
In early summer the walk around the park is made very special by the orchids

St Bartholomew’s church has recently been acquired by the National Trust. This is an interesting building to wander around as it was re-built during the Restoration period after the original church was destroyed during the Civil War.

Out into the wider landscape there are some lovely walks around the park and woodland. You can even walk to Ironbridge and back if you don’t mind a bit of a slope! The park is full of wildflowers, including orchids in the summer and the woodland is packed full or rare species of flora too.

Our intimate tea-room in the house is run purely by volunteers who are happy to serve you waitress style, your afternoon tea. We serve drinks and cakes only, but there is always a good selection on offer which we are sure will get your mouth watering.