Willapark and Forrabury Stitches

Cliffs at Willapark

The imposing cliffs of Penally Point and Willapark guard either side of the entrance to Boscastle harbour. Adjoining the 317ft-high promonotory of Willapark, sits the ancient Forrabury Stitches.


This area of coastal land is easy to spot as it has a white-washed lookout tower on its summit, a useful landmark to sailors looking for the entrance to the harbour. The history of the lookout tower is uncertain, being shown as 'Pleasure House', 'prospect house' and 'observatory' on old maps and in early guide books. However, for 100 years it's thought to have served as a coastguard lookout. The site of an Iron Age cliff castle is evidence that Willapark was used as a defensive site and tells us that humans have occupied the area since 200BC.

Forrabury Stitches

Sitting just inland from Willapark is the high ground of Forrabury Stitches. The Stitches are evidence of a medieval way of farming. This series of fields is divided into 42 stitchmeal plots of farmland. A method of crop rotation that dates back to Celtic times still exists and is one of the best three surviving examples of stitches being farmed in Britain today.
Explore these historic sites on our 4 mile (6.5km) walk starting from Boscastle harbour.