Bourne Mill

Important notice -

We regret that Bourne Mill is closed on Friday 21 October but will be open again on Saturday 22 October from 11am to 4pm

Picturesque watermill with working waterwheel

Bourne Mill

Things to see and do

The mysterious female face on the wall at Bourne Mill with her distinctive plaits but her eyes and nose have been chiseled beyond recognition

Enjoy the mill 

Enjoy your day with us: from feeding the ducks with our special food and bug-hunting, starting a working water wheel and trying out the pedal powered fulling stocks to tucking in to naughty scone with your picnic, there's plenty of fun in and around the water at the mill. Check out the events too.

Bourne Mill

What's on

Upcoming events

Sorry, there are no upcoming events at this place.

Bourne Mill


Unpick the history of Bourne Mill

Bourne Mill

Our work

male air cadets in their grey uniform drilling nails into the wooden frame of the fulling stocks

Our work at Bourne Mill 

Repairing the water wheel and maintaining the stonework are just two of our ongoing tasks. Find out more about the work we do to care for the mill.

Bourne Mill


A young girl writes carefully with a quill onto paper

Schemes of Lessons at Bourne Mill 

Bourne Mill is the perfect setting for school groups to cover many areas of the curriculum. We have started by focusing on KS2 but know that our site can cover all ages and aid teachers in reaching attainment targets.