Bourne Mill

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We're working hard to reopen many of our places where it is safe to do so. However, Bourne Mill is currently closed.

Picturesque watermill with working waterwheel, set in the Essex countryside.

Bourne Mill


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Bourne Mill

Our work

The Felt creations from the Essex Cultural Diversity Project at Bourne Mill

Essex Cultural Diversity Project 

We are delighted to be working in partnership with local artists Nicola Burrell and Lisa Temple-Cox on a commission for Bourne Mill. They are working with local communities, visitors and volunteers to create work which reflects Bourne Mill and the surrounding Bourne Valley. The project is entitled Bourne Narratives. It will be working with diverse communities in Colchester to create a large felt-based map, to explore Bourne Mill, geographically and culturally, and highlight the beauty and ecological diversity of the site.

View of Bourne Mill showing the lucum

Our work at Bourne Mill 

Repairing the water wheel and maintaining the stonework are just two of our ongoing tasks. Find out more about the work we do to care for the mill.

Bourne Mill


A young girl writes carefully with a quill onto paper

Schemes of Lessons at Bourne Mill 

Bourne Mill is the perfect setting for school groups to cover many areas of the curriculum. We have started by focusing on KS2 but know that our site can cover all ages and aid teachers in reaching attainment targets.

Bourne Mill

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