Bourne Mill: Scheme of lessons

Whether you're looking to explore your local area or tick off a specific topic, Bourne Mill has a lot to offer. We have focussed on KS2 but there is plenty of scope in this small but complex site to keep you coming back again and again.

1 Terry the Terrapin: An environmental themed scheme for primary aged children to explore the natural wealth of the Bourne Mill site.  The character of Terry the Terrapin is the vehicle through which children explore.
2 Popular Culture at Bourne Mill:  To inspire primary aged pupils into creative activities around Music, writing or poetry.  How the setting feels to young people and the  songs, poems and stories they can imagine were told by people in the past from the ‘fulling trade’- examples from the Scottish mackerel fleets could be used as examples.
3 The history of Fulling at Bourne Mill: A scheme of lessons for KS2 pupils based on Bourne Mill.  These ideas are based on the prospect of at least 3 lessons/educational sessions and at least one visit to the site. The aim for the pupils is to complete in small groups of 4 to 6 one of the following tasks.
  • Design an advertisement for a job at Bourne Mill in1594
  • An estate agents brochure/advert to sell Bourne Mill as working fullers mill in1601
  • A news report on a visit to Bourne mill in1608( this could be sound recorded, a video clip or script to act out)
  • Design an on-line site to sell Colchester Bay Clothe direct from Bourne Mill in 1612

To achieve one of these objectives pupils be will required to gain knowledge from Bourne Mill and the process of doing so will teach the pupils the knowledge about the mill.

4 Building a Bourne Mill wall:  Primary age pupils. This is a mathematics based idea.  Pupils on a visit to the mill will examine the way the walls are constructed.  The task involves measuring bricks, stones etc in the walls exactly.  Then drawing and making the bricks, stones etc (from card, papier-mâché etc).  Back at school in their classroom or the school hall they could construct their own 2 dimensional wall. This activity will get the pupils to investigate how the mill was built and question why?
There are other plans in the pipeline but these 4 activities are ideas to share with schools and get an idea of how you would like to utilise the Mill and its resources.