The Trowlesworthy stone rows

Trowlesworthy and the upper reaches of the River Plym are noted for their archaeology, as well as the stunning views down to Plymouth and the South Hams.

A number of Bronze Age archaeological sites are within easy walking distance of Cadover Bridge car park.

The stone rows of Trowlesworthy are two such examples. Situated about 100m apart to the south of Greater Trowlesworthy Tor, they are a striking and distinctive feature of the landscape.

  • A single row of about 50 stones runs east to west.
  • A double row comprising of over a 100 stones, runs north to south.

At the head of each row, there is a stone cairn which makes them easier to find. The best time to see them is during the winter and early spring, before the bracken starts to grow.. They're only about a 2 mile walk from Cadover Bridge - this walk would take you over the Blackabrook, past Trowlesworthy Farm and along a traditional, granite lined leat.