Picnics at Cape Cornwall

meadow with pignut Cornwall

Whether it's wildlife, walking or beautiful views you're after, Cape Cornwall is a fantastic spot for a picnic. Especially now Little Wonder Cafe is back, open 10am - 5pm every day.

See choughs swooping, seals bobbing and maybe even a basking shark cruising past. The views from Cape Cornwall are unbeatable.

As summer comes Cape Cornwall Fields will come alive with flowers, grasses and the humm of insects and invertebrates. Managed as hay meadows, grasses and flowers are left to stand late into the summer before the fields are cut. 

Cape Cornwall is now home to fantastic cafe Little Wonder Cafe, open 10am - 5pm every day from Easter to October for delicious cakes, sandwiches, teas and coffee and ice creams. Making Cape the perfect stop for a picnic.