Historic bluebells

Spring Bluebells at Castle Coole, Co. Fermanagh

The Beech Walk at Castle Coole is a sea of bluebells at this time of year, perfect for a refreshing spring stroll.

A highlight of this time of year is a walk through a bluebell wood and spotting the sea of bright blue flowers. The beech walk at Castle Coole has been home to a carpet of bluebells since the 1880s, planted by the daughters of the then Earl of Belmore.

At that time, Castle Coole was a bustling place full of children - the 4th Earl and his wife had 13 children, 10 of whom were girls. Such a large family was difficult to host, so the children often made their own entertainment. They occasionally wrote a newsletter entitled 'The Castle Coole Review' which detailed changes on the estate and various comings and goings of staff, as well as a series of "letters" from various characters written to the editor.

" 26/12/92 Dear Sir, I think it would be an improvement if there was a new school-room tea-pot, the present one being too small for the amount of tea required. I remain, yours truly, "
- T. Leaf

The girls were very fond of the Beech walk, each having their own seat along the way and spent many days enjoying time in the gardens. The girls planted the bluebells in the beech walk to enhance the beauty of the quiet place they loved at Castle Coole, which we can still appreciate and admire today.

The Ladies Lowry-Corry spending time in the gardens at Castle Coole
The Ladies Lowry-Corry spending time in the gardens at Castle Coole