Discover Castlefield Viaduct

View of Castlefield Viaduct with skyscrapers in the background

Ready to explore Manchester’s first ‘sky park’? From guided visits to gardening workshops or simply stopping to enjoy the view, there’s plenty to do at Castlefield Viaduct. Read on to find out more about what’s on offer and plan your visit.

From July 2022 you’ll be able to visit Castlefield Viaduct as part of a 12-month pilot opening. During this time there’ll be plenty of opportunities to not only explore part of the structure, but to find out more about the viaduct’s heritage, the city’s long relationship with plants and trees and even pick up some urban gardening tips.  

Trees, flowers and shrubs will be planted across half of the deck, creating a green space for visitors and the local community to explore and unwind in. The new planting will be made up of many species including cotton grass, Manchester’s county flower. The variety of plants being added will help attract more birds and pollinators to the viaduct. A section of the viaduct will be left untouched to provide a sense of how nature has reclaimed the space since the site was closed in the late 1960s.

As well as free daily guided visits, we’ll also be running special events throughout the year, including takeovers by partner organisations and the local community. Maybe you’ll join a photo walk around the viaduct and its surroundings, learn how to identify trees, or try your hand at urban foraging?

While you're here you can also visit our ‘partner plots’, where four local organisations will be creating their own urban gardens and works of art.