Meet our partner plots

View of Castlefield Viaduct

During the first phase of the Castlefield viaduct project, half of the deck will be transformed into a temporary urban park. As part of this work, we’ve teamed up with four local partner organisations who will each create their own unique garden areas on the viaduct.

Urban Wilderness

Urban Wilderness are a pioneering arts organisation that aim to transform people and places through personal creativity, high quality artworks and events. They will be joining up with Manchester-based charity 42nd Street and working with young people who have suffered mental health challenges to create something special in the space. 

City of Trees

City of Trees is a green recovery movement focused on bringing together individuals and organisations to plant trees and restore woodlands for the people and wildlife of Greater Manchester. Their partner plot will highlight ‘Trees that shaped the industrial revolution’, with their garden focusing on species of trees, shrubs and flowers that were crucial to the development of industry, and those that will play a role in the response to climate change.

Castlefield Forum

Castlefield Forum work to protect and promote the Castlefield Conservation Area – preserving and sharing knowledge about the area’s geography, history and culture, and encouraging urban regeneration. They will be using their space to explore the essence of Castlefield within the context of a modern sculptural pocket garden.

Science and Industry Museum

The Science and Industry Museum occupies the site of the oldest surviving passenger railway station – Manchester Liverpool Road – and is devoted to exploring ideas that change the world, from the Industrial Revolution to the modern day and beyond. Their partner plot garden will be filled with heritage plants and trees, and will highlight the industrial heritage that can be seen from the viaduct.