The chiding stone

There's a lot of myth and folklore surrounding the chiding stone at Chiddingstone village. You'll have to take a look for yourself.

The Folklore

Rumour has it the stone was once used by ancient druids as an altar or place where judgments were made.

Judgment seems to be a running theme as it's believed Britons used the stone as a place to conduct judicial affairs. It's also possible though the stone was used as a boundary marker by the later Saxons.

In the Medieval times folklore has it that nagging wives, wrongdoers and witches were brought to the stone to be chided as punishment by an assembly of villagers. This is where the most recent name for the stone comes from and with it possibly the name of the village.

The facts

What we can say is the stone is made from natural stone and would have formed millions of years ago when the land was underwater.


The chiding stone still holds a sense of mystery and has become an attraction that still draws interest to the village.