'Exploring the Chiltern Escarpment': a walk between Coombe Hill and Whiteleaf Hill

Walking trail

This is a 10 mile (16 km) walk offering a range of panoramic views across the Chiltern Escarpment and the Aylesbury Vale. You will see a range of historical and archaeological sites, as well as the pretty ‘chocolate box’ village of Ellesborough and the Prime Minister’s country retreat at Chequers. There are several important ecological habitants, ranging from rare chalk grassland to archetypal Chiltern beech woodlands. You will also pass through the largest remaining area of natural box woodland in Britain.

We strongly recommend using the local 1:25 000 Ordnance Survey map in addition to these instructions.


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Exploring the Chiltern Escarpment elevation profile


Coombe Hill car park, grid ref SP 851062


As you enter the National Trust property through the gate by the entrance to the car park, you will see three distinct footpaths. Take the left of these paths: a grassy and slightly overgrown path, which runs roughly parallel with the property boundary fence. Stay left (10-20m from the fence) and pass between 2 cattle troughs. The path soon passes through an area of scrub woodland. After 200m, turn left through a metal gate and join the Ridgeway path. Follow this way-marked path for another 200m through the woodland. You will eventually meet a road. Turn right, following the road downhill for 100m. Immediately after a fenced driveway (Lodge Hill Game Farm), turn left following the Ridgeway signpost. Continue following the Ridgeway signposts and waymarks through the woodland for 600m in a southerly direction ignoring several crossing paths. The Ridgeway then turns right, heading downhill for a further 500m until you reach a road. There is a farm shop and café at Buckmoorend Farm, about 50m along the track to the left.


Staying on the same side of the road, cross the lane that leads to Buckmoorend Farm and pick up a sign-posted bridleway that starts just to the left of the hedgerow in front of you. It is also signposted as the Icknield Way. Follow this path, which runs along the edge of a field, with the hedgerow and the road on your right. After 250m, the path, the hedge and the road all curve to the left. The path then enters a narrow belt of woodland and follows it between a field on your left and the road on your right, eventually emerging on the road opposite a track leading to a field. Cross the road with care and follow the track uphill, passing to the right of a metal field gate. Continue uphill into an area of woodland (Pond Wood) with occasional views of Chequers on your right. Take care to keep on the footpath. You reach two closely spaced footpath markers. Take the right fork after these, keeping in the direction of the two markers and continue downhill to meet a track next to a metal gate.

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Chequers House in Buckinghamshire


Turn right uphill along the track for 35m then bear turn left on a signed footpath. Follow this path parallel to the road until you reach some steps. Descend the steps and turn immediately left to meet a road. Cross the road and follow the Bridleway opposite, which is also marked as the Icknield Way. Follow the bridleway through the woodland, with mostly fields to your left for 800m. Ignore any crossing paths. At a T-junction, take the bridleway to the right then almost immediately swing to the left to join an uphill track. After about 30m uphill, at a path crossing, turn right then join the path to the left of a metal field gate. This takes you up to join a path close to the top of the woods.


Bear right along the joining path. This meanders through the woodland, with a field to your left and a steep wooded downhill slope on your right. You will eventually meet the Ridgeway once more at a T-junction. Turn right onto this broad path. After 200m you will meet a gate where you will enter an open area at the top of Whiteleaf Hill, overlooking Princes Risborough. This is a nice spot for a picnic, with expansive views south along the Chiltern Escarpment and west across the Oxford Plain.

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Whiteleaf Hill near Princes Risborough


When you are ready to leave Whiteleaf Hill turn right, through a gate to continue following the Ridgeway path. This descends quite steeply through Giles Wood, eventually emerging at a gate by the Plough public house. (Former Prime Minister, David Cameron entertained Chinese President Xi Jinping here in October 2015. He also famously left his eight-year-old daughter Nancy behind here in 2012 after an afternoon’s drinking). Turn left, in front of The Plough then join Cadsden Road. When the narrow, roadside path ends, cross the road following the footpath sign. The path passes through an area of woodland before reaching a gate into the Grangelands and Rifle Butts Nature Reserve.


Bear left to follow the Ridgeway path along the northwest edge of the Nature Reserve. Please keep to the footpaths to minimise damaging this rare chalk grassland habitat. Go through two gates and continue to follow the Ridgeway, past the Rifle Butts on your right, and up a short slope to reach another gate.

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Grangelands in Buckinghamshire


Go through the gate and up some steps to meet a sunken track. Turn right, then after 30 metres, left up some more steps to another gate. Go through the gate, but instead of following the Ridgeway path, bear left for a few metres, up the small grassy hill in front of you. It is called Chequers Knap and offers fine views. From Chequers Knap, turn back to meet the Ridgeway again, following it to your left across an area of open woodland and grassland.

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Chequers Knap in Buckinghamshire


Just after passing a fenced, steep wooded slope on your left, go through a wooden gate on your left into an area of Access Land. The path is signposted as part of the Outer Aylesbury Ring. Follow the path along the top of a slope, with fine views of the Aylesbury Vale, Great Kimble Warren and Happy Valley on your left. After 200m, the path reaches a small summit then turns right, heading downslope to meet a wooden gate in the corner of a field. Go through the gate, following the path along the edge of the field and beneath some trees to meet a wooden gate by a large metal field gate. Continue through the gate and cross a concrete track, and then follow a wide woodland track to a gate. Go through the gate and follow the path across a field, with Beacon Hill ahead of you, until you reach another gate that enters an area of low box woodland.

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Ellesborough Warren in Buckinghamshire


Go through the gate and down a series of steps. At a further gate, you will emerge into an area of Access Land that surrounds Beacon Hill. The footpath skirts around Beacon Hill, eventually reaching yet another gate. (If you would like a challenge, and some fine views, you can make a short detour to the top of Beacon Hill using one of the several steep, informal paths.) Go through the gate following the path towards Ellesborough, which you will see ahead of you.

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Beacon Hill in Buckinghamshire


Go through the gate to reach a road, turn right along the footpath then cross the road to the church. Take great care crossing this road, as there is a blind hill on the road to your right. Go through the church gate and follow a footpath to the left of the church. The path descends a series of steps to the left of the graveyard. There is a bench just to the left of this path with a nice view towards the Aylesbury Vale, if you’re ready for a short break. Follow this path to a gate, which enters a field. The path continues straight ahead down the slope of the field to a metal gate and stile. Turn immediately right after these then go through a kissing gate to reach a narrow lane (Springs Lane) by a thatched cottage. It is marked as part of The Aylesbury Ring path. Follow the lane until it turns sharp right. At this point, follow the footpath straight ahead between a house on the right and a field on the left. Continue on this path until you reach a road.

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Ellesborough Church in Buckinghamshire


At the road turn left for 60m and then cross it, and go through a metal gate onto a footpath, which is a continuation of the Aylesbury Ring Path. From here you have a nice view of Coombe Hill ahead and to the right of you. On meeting a gate, the path continues in the same direction along the edges of three fields to a stile. Cross the stile and turn immediately right. You will soon reach another stile, which takes you into the grounds of Ellesborough Golf Club. The path continues in more-or-less a straight line in the same southerly direction, and has been waymarked by the Golf Club (keep to the right of the Club House). Just after the Club House, you will meet a road. Cross the road and take the left of the two paths ahead of you. This path, which soon becomes a sunken path heads gently uphill. After 150m, look out for some rough steps at a crossing path. (If you wish to shorten the route, you can continue up the sunken path. On reaching the top of the hill, turn right through a metal gate and head for the Boer War Memorial that you will see ahead of you. You can re-join the route at point 14.)


At the crossing path, turn left up the steps. DO NOT turn right uphill, but cross some tree roots to a path, which soon becomes more obvious. This goes downhill to join an access road. After 20m further downhill on this turn right onto a path by a black lamp post. The path initially passes between private gardens, horse stables and crosses driveways. Please be careful to follow the yellow footpath way-markers. After 200m, the path continues on a more or less level course with a steep wooded slope on your right and a mixture of private gardens, woodland and small fields on your left. After a further 800m, you will reach a gate into the Bacombe Hill Nature Reserve. (There’s no sign for this Nature Reserve as you enter via this gate). Go straight ahead, through the gate and follow an obvious path until you meet a T-junction with the Ridgeway path. The depressions and mounds in the lower part of this Reserve are the workings of the old chalk pits.

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Bacombe Hill in Buckinghamshire


Turn right, following the Ridgeway path uphill. Ascend some wooden steps, and continue uphill. You will eventually meet a metal gate, leading to a sunken track. Continue across the sunken path and through a second metal gate. This will take you back onto the National Trust property at Coombe Hill. After the second gate, bear right and head for the Boer War Monument, which you will see ahead of you.


On reaching the Boer War Monument, turn left across a wide grassy plateau, which offers excellent views back to Beacon Hill and Ellesborough, where you were earlier. After 350m the grassy path narrows and heads through a gap in the trees. This will lead you back to the entrance gate by the car park, where you started the walk.

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Coombe Hill in Buckinghamshire


Coombe Hill car park, grid ref SP 851062

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'Exploring the Chiltern Escarpment': a walk between Coombe Hill and Whiteleaf Hill


Despite the hilly terrain there are no steep climbs, unless you choose to explore the summit of Beacon Hill. The altitude varies between 120m and 260m above sea level, and there are two prolonged uphill stretches over 1km. There is one quite steep descent on the Ridgeway at Whiteleaf Hill, although the path surface here is well-managed. There are five road crossings, a small number of stiles and two very short stretches of country road. Dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a lead as sheep and cattle are grazed on several parts of the route. Some paths can be muddy and slippery after prolonged or heavy rain. Stout walking shoes or walking boots are strongly recommended. A walking pole is not essential but may be useful when the paths are slippery.

Please note that most of the route, with the exception of Coombe Hill and Pulpit Hill, is not on National Trust land. As such, the National Trust does not check for hazards on these sections of the walk. Walkers therefore follow this route at their own risk.

'Exploring the Chiltern Escarpment': a walk between Coombe Hill and Whiteleaf Hill

How to get here

Coombe Hill, near Butlers Cross, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
By train

The nearest railway station is in Wendover on the Chiltern Railways line. From here, follow signs for the Ridgeway at start the walk at Bacombe Hill Nature Reserve at Point 13 on the trail.

By road

Coombe Hill is 3 miles west of Wendover and 5 miles east of Princes Risborough.  From Risborough, head east towards Ellesborough. Carry on to Butlers Cross then turn right onto the Missenden Road.

  • From Wendover, head west towards Butlers Cross and turn left onto the Missenden Road. 
  • Drive for 2 miles up the hill until you reach a summit, where you need to turn left up Lodge Hill for a further mile until you reach the car park in front of you, on a tight right hand bend.

SatNav: The nearest postcode is for Lodge Hill at HP17 0UR.

An alternative National Trust car park can be found at Pulpit Hill, between Point 3 and Point 4 on the walk. SP834046.

The walk can also be started from the Whiteleaf Cross car park (grid ref SP 823046) close to Point 4 on the walk.

By foot

Coombe Hill is on the Ridgeway long distance footpath

By bus

There are bus routes to Wendover from several nearby towns including Aylesbury, Amersham, High Wycombe and Chesham. From Wendover High Street, walk westwards to the mini-roundabout where you join Pound Street. Continue westward, past the Shoulder of Mutton, across the railway bridge and up Ellesborough Road. From here, follow signs for the Ridgeway at start the walk at Bacombe Hill Nature Reserve at Point 13 on the trail.

By bicycle

Coombe Hill is on the 170 mile circular Chilterns Cycleway. Please note that no cycling is allowed on the trail.

'Exploring the Chiltern Escarpment': a walk between Coombe Hill and Whiteleaf Hill

Facilities and access

  • Car park
  • Picnic area
  • No toilets on site. The nearest public toilets can be found in Wendover.
  • Public Houses: The Plough at Cadsden, The Russell Arms at Butlers Cross
  • Farm shop & café at Buckmoorend Farm