Clandon Park

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Due to strong winds in our local area today, Saturday 21 October, Clandon Park is closed to visitors.

Follow our progress to rebuild Clandon Park, honouring the rich heritage of its past and creating a new legacy for the future

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Clandon Park

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Christmas carol concert  

Our annual carol concert has long been one of our favourite Christmas traditions. Since the fire in 2015, it’s one we’ve been keen to continue in the beautiful setting of Holy Trinity Church, Guildford. Join the brilliant Oxford Singers for their 32nd year performing in support of Clandon Park, featuring readings by actress Dame Penelope Keith.

Clandon Park

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Clandon Park was a family home for centuries. The Onslows arrived in 1641 and replaced the original house in the early 1700s with this stunning example of fashionable Palladianism. Uncover some of the most captivating stories through the years, charting the evolution of this significant house, its gardens and the people who’ve passed through it.