Clandon Park

Follow our progress to rebuild Clandon Park, honouring the rich heritage of its past and creating a new legacy for the future

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Clandon Park

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Archaeological salvage
Archaeologists at work at Clandon Park

The salvage phase 

At the end of July 2016, following just over a year of work, we completed the initial phase of our project. Our archaeological salvage work has produced remarkable finds including objects that survived the fire miraculously preserved. Learn more from our project team about each of these objects, their individual disciplines and the unique challenges they faced in their specialist roles.

Clandon Park

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A portrait of Elizabeth Knight


Clandon Park was a family home for centuries. The Onslows arrived in 1641 and replaced the original house in the early 1700s with this stunning example of fashionable Palladianism. Uncover some of the most captivating stories through the years, charting the evolution of this significant house, its gardens and the people who’ve passed through it.

Clandon Park


A group visit

Group visits at Clandon Park 

Bring all your friends to Clandon Park. If there are more than 15 in your party then you can come and see the current condition of this Palladian mansion as part of a group visit and take advantage of special offers.