Claydon house redressed

Items from the Gothic room are now stored in racking

Claydon house is still home to the Verney family. You can wonder around the east wing, enjoy their fascinating collections and discover some beautiful architecture.

What’s happening 2019?

In line with the major conservation work of the library ceiling that will be taking place at Claydon this year, we will be talking about what it takes to take care of a house like this. From mouldy windows to leaks and polishing metal, you’ll get to explore it all.


What is the Library ceiling project?

The huge weight of the elaborate plasterwork has caused the library ceiling to bow and to crack. 

This year, conservators will carry out major works to stabalise the ceiling. The floor ion the rooms above will be lifted in sections and metail fixings will be added to secure the ceiling joists.

When all of the structural work has had time to settle, repairs to cracks on the front of the ceiling will be tackled in phase 2. In all, this vital conservation work will take three years to comeplete.

Plaster ceiling in the Library
The Library ceiling at Claydon House
Plaster ceiling in the Library

What will I be able to see at Claydon whilst the work take place?

In preparation for the conservation work, the rooms above the Library have had their collection stored elsewhere. Florence Nightingale’s bedroom and the Gothic room now house a temporary exhibition all about the library ceiling project and items that were found under the floorboards from previous electric works in the 1990's.

You can get up close to the furniture that was originally in the Gothic room and find out how we care for these historic items.