Clyston Mill

Important notice -

Clyston Mill is closed for the foreseeable future. We're very sorry to cause you any disappointment or inconvenience.

A working watermill nestled by the River Clyst on the Killerton estate

Brian and Ursula are friendly tenants at the mill.

Step into the shoes of a miller  

Stepping inside, you'll discover the history of this historic watermill that still grinds flour today.

Enjoy a walk to Clyston Mill

Killerton to Clyston Mill walk 

Take an easy 6-mile walk from Killerton to the village of Broadclyst and enjoy the rural landscape and countryside views.

Clyston Mill

Eating and shopping

Clyston Mill flour available from the Killerton Estate shop

Shopping at the mill 

The mill is used to mill grain every Sunday, so why not treat yourself to some local flour?

The orchard overlooking Clyston Mill

Enjoy a picnic at the mill 

The orchard overlooking the mill is a peaceful spot for relaxation, reflection and a picnic as you watch the waterwheel turn.

Clyston Mill

Get involved

Volunteer in the drawing room at Killerton

Get involved at Killerton 

We're lucky to have many wonderful volunteers at Killerton who support us in many different ways. You could help bring Killerton to life as a volunteer.