Key stages 3-5

Students learn about Romanticism and Coleridge's life at the Cottage

A poet, a father, and a revolutionary thinker, students can learn about the different faces of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and what inspired him to write his poetry. Pick from two of our themed sessions for an engaging visit for your group in the birthplace of Romanticism.

Duration: Tour is one hour. Optional follow up session is a further half hour.

You can choose from two themed sessions 'Poetry and Place', or 'Revolution!'. Both sessions consist of a tour of Coleridge Cottage led by one of our volunteer guides, followed by an optional hands-on learning session in the garden room where students explore Coleridge’s work, lifestyle and ideology through replicas of objects connected with his life. Each session can be tailored to suit the needs, ages, and learning objectives of the group. Find out more about the two themes below:

Poetry and Place

On their tour of the Cottage, students will see the places where Coleridge wrote some of his best known poetry, including the fireplace in front of which he wrote ‘Frost at Midnight’. They will learn about what was going on in the world whilst Coleridge was writing, what inspired the poems he wrote here, and learn about the themes of Romantic poetry.

In the follow up learning session, students will talk about what we can learn about Coleridge from replica objects such as a rushlight, a map of Somerset then and now, and a laudanum bottle.


Why was Coleridge considered a dangerous man? Students will discover that Samuel Taylor Coleridge was a revolutionary figure, and how the French Revolution affected his life and relationship with his neighbours. As they go through the Cottage, students will find out how revolutions in medicine affected Coleridge’s life, and the revolutionary thinking of the Romantic poets.

In the follow up session, students discuss what we can learn about Coleridge and the world he lived in from objects such as a white hat, spices, and a replica of his magazine ‘The Watchman’.

How to book

All groups must book in advance. Due to the size of the Cottage, we are unable to accept groups of larger than 30. For more information and to make a booking, please contact Kate or Tina on 01278 732662 or by email