Summer family fun at Coleridge Cottage

Child quill writing

Whether you're a trail-solver, a budding poet, you love listening to stories, or dressing up, there's loads of summer fun at Coleridge Cottage. Take a look below for some inspiration...

I Spy trail

A mysterious culprit has been taking things from Coleridge Cottage. Can you work out what has gone missing and put your spy skills to the test for the chance to win a prize? £1 per trail, one prize awarded per trail.

Family story time

Have you heard the story of Sailor Sam? Or the tale of the mice who lived with Coleridge in the cottage? These 15-minute storytelling sessions are perfect for 4-7 year olds (or the young at heart). See our 'what's on' page below to find out dates and times.

Draw water from the well

The well beside the tearoom is 16 metres deep. That's the height of three giraffes. Every day, Sara Coleridge would collect water from this well for her family. You can find out how tough that would have been, by winding the bucket up full of water - can you get it right to the top?

Hunt for the wire animals

Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his family used to keep pigs, ducks, and geese in the smallholding at the back of their cottage. Today, you can meet their 'descendants' - made from wire mesh - see how many you can spot hiding in the long grass.

Georgian toys and games

Sometimes the best games are the simplest. The toybox in the Second Parlour is full of toys and games, 18th-century style, including cup-and-ball, and a hobby horse, perfect for waiting out summer showers. When the sun comes out again, you can play a game of quoits on the Cottage garden lawn.

Dress like a Georgian

As you explore the Cottage rooms, keep an eye out for 18th-century costumes hanging on hooks, hiding in drawers, or in the prop box outside. You can try these on, and embrace your inner Georgian lady or gentleman.

Write with a quill and ink

Samuel Taylor Coleridge would have written his poems using a quill - a pen made from a feather - and ink. You can have a go yourself, and pin your poem or story up to share with the world.