Summer at Coleridge Cottage

Tales from the garden, inspiring verses, uncovered secrets, and the lesser known tales of some extraordinary women... there is plenty to discover at Coleridge Cottage this summer. Read on to find out more...

Summer wildflowers in the garden at Coleridge Cottage, with the lime-tree bower in the background

Garden tours

There's more to Coleridge than the Cottage. Discover the stories of the poet's garden, and how it didn't turn out quite how he planned...

Sara Coleridge, née Fricker

Romantic Women

Samuel Taylor Coleridge - in the life of this great man were some great women whose stories are rarely told. The tales of their lives and their struggles during Coleridge's time at the cottage are revealed through these guided tours.

Discover more this way

The Cottage Uncovered

Discover the unusual, lesser-known tales of Coleridge Cottage and it's strange history in these tours of the house and garden.

'Osorio', a play by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in the Reading Room at Coleridge Cottage

Poetry readings

Coleridge's best known poems including 'Kubla Khan', 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner', and 'Frost at Midnight', read in the Cottage where he wrote them.