What's on this Easter

Whether you're a trail solver, a story lover, or a hands-on history explorer, there's something for all the family at Coleridge Cottage this Easter.

Child with magnifying glass on bug hunt

Signs of Spring Family trail

It's time to dust off those cobwebs and search for the signs that spring is here for a chance to win a prize

A child listening to the Tale of Sailor Sam

Family Story Time

Have you heard the tale of Sailor Sam? Or the story of the mice who lived in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's house?

Volunteer Ian winds the bucket to the top of the well at Coleridge Cottage

Draw water from the well 

Are you as strong as Sara Coleridge? You can find out by drawing water from the newly restored 17th-century well

Finding out what's hiding in the drawers at Coleridge Cottage

Rainy day fun 

Looking for ways to keep busy on a wet weekend? Coleridge Cottage has lots for you to explore, make, and do. Read on for some ideas…