Early summer in the garden

The rose garden in flower at Compton Castle

Early summer is the best time to visit Compton Castle's garden. With the Rose Garden in flower, soft breezes drifting through the orchard, and people playing lawn games, you can just imagine what life in the castle gardens was like hundreds of years ago.

Rose Garden

In May and June the Rose Garden is a real showstopper, filled with flowering roses chosen by the Gilbert family for their beauty and scent. As you walk through the archway and up the steps that lead to the garden, the sight and smell and sure to take your breath away. Parkdirektor riggers is just one of the special roses you can see in flower at this time of year. In the spring the garden team worked hard to give the soil in the borders some TLC and filled them up with plants that flower in vibrant shades of reds and oranges, to give the Rose Garden real impact. In the midst of this heady mix of colour and scent, the pond is dotted with flowering waterlilies.


The Knot Garden 

The Knot Garden was replanted in the summer of 2017, and is surrounded by perennial and annual plants. The box which formerly made up the Knot Garden succumbed to box blight, and has been replaced with Japanese holly (Ilex crenata). Similar to box, Japanese holly has small evergreen leaves that can be clipped into tight shapes. 


The orchard

Contrasting to the formality of the castle's garden, in the orchard the grass is left to grow long and fill with wild flowers, with the occasional path weaving through. On the trees the fruit buds are developing nicely.