Lightning protection at Compton Castle

View from the top of Compton Castle, Devon

In 2019 we installed a lightning protection system at Compton Castle for the first time and carried out repair and redecoration work which takes place every five years to ensure the castle is well maintained. This includes decorating of all the metalwork, windows and doors, and masonry repairs to the stonework so that we can keep Compton Castle special for future generations.

Why did we need to do this?

We undertook assessments to assess the risk of the castle being struck by lightning, and those assessments came back showing that Compton Castle was at risk.

There is a design that reduces the visual impact on the castle which has been established. This is done by moving away from finials, which are the rods that point up in the air, to keeping a flat ring tape option on top of the chimney stone caps that are hidden from view. The tape will also be coated in grey coloured PVC to blend in with the stone work.


How long did it take?

The work programme was 24 weeks, and done over three phases of scaffolding so that we could keep parts of the castle unobstructed from the scaffold and open to visitors. 
However, the building team worked to ensure that the works were undertaken as sensitively as they could be.

Scaffolding around Compton Castle while essential works take place
Scaffolding at Compton Castle, Devon
Scaffolding around Compton Castle while essential works take place

What did it cost?

This was one of those projects where the access is a large proportion of the cost. By combining the repairs and redecoration with the lightning protection, this made the cost more justifiable. 

The total cost for the project was:

Lightening protection system, repairs and redecoration £73,423

Scaffolding £31,113

Total £105,000