Cotehele Gallery

Items on display at Christmas in Cotehele Gallery, Cornwall

Reopening on Saturday 10 February, the Cotehele Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting and selling the work of West Country artists and craft makers.

The gallery is one of just a few within the National Trust. You'll find a range of British contemporary art and craft as well as a selection of British-made clothing, displayed alongside handmade accessories and jewellery.

Changing exhibitions

The gallery curates an annual programme of exhibitions, with occasional guest exhibitors from elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

4 November - 6 January, 2018: 'All That Glitters'

A coming together of regular and new artists to celebrate the festive period with shine and sparkle to illuminate the imagination.

Specials for Christmas include garland-inspired silk scarves, baubles filled with garland flowers, wreaths handmade using garland flowers, a 'Cotehele Garland Great Escape' sculpture by Malcom Law, and Margaret Johnson's garland glow pots.

Bowls by artist Penny Little in Cotehele Gallery
Gold bowls with fringed edges by Penny Little in Cotehele Gallery, Cornwall

10 February - 4 June: ‘A New Dawn’

Paul Jackson, one of the country's leading ceramicists, will exhibit a new range of work called ‘Madrugada’

The clothing boudoir

'Out of Xile' clothing, made from luxurious natural fabrics, complement the gallery’s art collection. 'Out of Xile' creator, Cathy Hewlett, has been designing and making clothing in Britain for 25 years and her 'handmade in England' policy focuses on attention to detail and the quality of the finished product, as well as continuing to support one of the country's oldest traditional industries.

Out of Xile clothing in Cotehele Gallery is appropriate for occasional or every day wear
Out of Xile outfit on a model in Cotehele Gallery, Cornwall

Own Art

To help you manage your art budget, Cotehele Gallery offers the Own Art scheme, a national initiative that helps spread the cost of buying British art and craft. Sign up in the gallery during your next visit.