Visiting with your dog

Walking the dog is a common past-time

We're working with Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust to protect the wildlife on Crickley Hill so it can continue to be enjoyed well into the future.

Dogs on leads

March through to July is a prime time for nature. Many birds, reptiles and mammals are breeding so we've set aside areas where your faithful friend should be kept on a lead to protect the precious wildlife from disturbance.

Skylarks nest on the ground
Skylarks nest on the ground
Skylarks nest on the ground

Even friendly dogs can scare animals away from their nests - leaving the young to face an uncertain future. You can find out where you should keep your dog on a lead by keeping a look out for the red paw prints when you visit. Red paw print signs mean that you're in an area where wildlife is vulnerable to disturbance. Please help give nature a helping hand by keeping your dog on a lead and under close control.

Running free

We've also set aside areas where your dog can roam freely, stretch its legs and enjoy a good run. These areas are marked with a green paw print.

Spring changes

The red and green paw code of conduct for dog walkers only applies between 1 March and 31 July when wildlife is at its most susceptible.

The canine code

We've teamed up with Forthglade to create a canine code, so you and your four-legged friend can help care for the places you love.

The canine code (PDF / 1.8MB) download