‘All Alone’ an exhibition in partnership with Meadow Arts

David Bethell's 'The Weight of Things' on one of the pools in Fishpool Valley

Launching on Saturday 24 July, ‘All Alone’ showcases six artistic responses to the theme of ‘loneliness and solitude’ in an outdoor exhibition in Fishpool Valley.

Meadow Arts return to Croft Castle to take up residence in the very special landscape of Fishpool Valley. 'All Alone' unfolds on two levels; an outdoor exhibition with sculpture and installations and a digital component that completes some of the artworks in the valley. Featuring new commissions by Adam Chodzko, Edie Jo Murray and ...Kruse and works by David Bethell and Simon Roberts. 

...Kruse, 'Un_being', Meadow Arts commission, 2021.
An exterior shot of ...Kruse's striking artwork at the grotto in Fishpool Valley
...Kruse, 'Un_being', Meadow Arts commission, 2021.

Through the work of five artists, 'All Alone' proposes a creative re-examination of the human condition of aloneness. Isolation has previously been overlooked within society and people can be isolated for a number of different reasons including mental illness, poor health and exclusion. Solitude, on the other hand, is often a more positive aspect of the same concept, as a result of a conscious choice, be it spiritual endeavours or the desire to be close to nature.

The recent Covid-19 lockdown of society has sharply brought into focus the notion of aloneness and may have drastically changed our perception of isolation or solitude. Beyond the physical aspect of being isolated, lockdowns have been a communal experience, but each individual experience is unique.

Simon Roberts, 'Waldeinsamkeit', courtesy Simon Roberts and Victoria & Albert Museum, 2020.
Simon Roberts' artworks displayed in the beech hangar in Fishpool Valley
Simon Roberts, 'Waldeinsamkeit', courtesy Simon Roberts and Victoria & Albert Museum, 2020.

This exhibition will investigate the different perceptions of loneliness over time, from Judeo-Christian society where being alone was considered unnatural to the shifting attitudes of the late 18th century where solitude is blissful and cleansing. Threaded throughout Fishpool Valley, this quiet space has recently been revived in the ‘Picturesque’ style which glorifies the wildness of nature and man’s solitary place within it.

Edie Jo Murray, 'Perception and Perspective', 2021.
One of the amazing chairs created by Edie Jo Murray for the 'All Alone' exhibition at Croft
Edie Jo Murray, 'Perception and Perspective', 2021.

Inspired by Edie Jo Murray's colourful chairs, we invite you to share where you would put a chair with a special view of your own: a spot in your garden, your favourite park, up a hill, by the beach or somewhere completely different. Share your view with us on Instagram or Twitter and tag #ShareYourView @meadowarts to create a collective online gallery. 

You can now discover ‘All Alone’ every day until 31 October 2021. To find out more head to the Meadow Arts website. Don't forget to explore 'Skin Deep' at nearby Berrington Hall; another thought-provoking contemporary art exhibition created in partnership with Meadow Arts. 

Read on to discover more about our 'All Alone' event programme. 

Family drop-in workshops at Croft 

Tuesday 17 and 24 August and 26 October, 12pm to 3pm

Explore the themes and ideas of the exhibition in these free drop-in family art workshops. Materials will be provided. No booking required. Normal admission charges apply. 

Curator's tours at Croft

Thursday 2 September and 7 October, 2pm to 3.30pm

Join Meadow Arts Artistic Director and Curator, Anne de Charmant, for this walking tour and talk about the works in the 'All Alone' exhibition. Spaces must be booked in advance via the Meadow Arts website. Normal admission charges apply.