Bluebells at Croft Castle

Ancient trees in Croft Castle's parkland in Herefordshire, surrounded by bluebells

Croft's parkland is transformed by carpets of bluebells in April and May. Read on to discover a little more about our native British bluebells and the best places to spot them.

As you arrive at Croft this spring, you will notice smatterings of bluebells in and around the trees along the entrance drive. But if you really want to surround yourself by bursts of colour and blankets of blue, head to the wood pasture. There are thousands underneath the Candelabra Oak, which is the perfect spot to get lost in your thoughts and listen to the birds.

Discover carpets of bluebells this spring at Croft
A carpet of bluebells in the woodland at Croft Castle in Herefordshire

There is intriguing folklore surrounding bluebells. Some believed that by wearing a wreath made of the flowers, the wearer would be forced to tell the truth. Others believed that if you could turn one of the flowers inside out without tearing it, you would eventually find the one you love.

Our British bluebells are in bloom now and will flower until May. Don't forget to share your bluebell photos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.