Enhancing views in Croft's Fishpool Valley

A ranger strimming the areas by the fishpools in Fishpool Valley, Herefordshire

In September 2016, our countryside ranger team cleared an area of Fishpool Valley to enhance the views and increase biodiversity.

After a few years, vistas can be easily lost, so in September 2016, the ranger team felled and coppiced small trees and strimmed the borders to re-open these views in Fishpool Valley. The photo above shows what the area around the gothic pump house looked like before the work was completed. It was obvious that clearing needed to be done and the photo below shows the area as it looks today.

An area of Fishpool Valley after clearance work
An area of Fishpool Valley at Croft Castle in Herefordshire after clearance work
An area of Fishpool Valley after clearance work

The team are continuing this clearance work throughout Fishpool Valley; why not stop and enjoy the views and see if you recognise the difference on your next visit?

This is a very important conservation project, as it helps to preserve the historic area which was part of the Picturesque landscape movement and it also helps to improve wildlife benefits and biodiversity in the area.

This work would not be possible without our supporters, who contribute in endless ways. Every cup of tea bought on site and every wander through the countryside helps us to preserve Croft for ever, for everyone.