New walks to discover in Fishpool Valley

A wooded walk in Fishpool Valley at Croft Castle

Pop on your walking boots and explore two new walks through Fishpool Valley; the Highwood Walk and the Fishpool Dingle Walk.

As part of our ambitious restoration project to revive the 'Picturesque' Fishpool Valley, we’ve opened up two new walks for you to discover. Pop on your walking boots and feel the crunch of autumn leaves underfoot as you explore historic paths brought back to life, old carriage-rides, far-reaching views and newly restored dams and cascades.

You can also pick up a Picturesque Pocket Guide to accompany you on your walk for £1. This will guide you through the wooded valley and provide a further insight into the landscape’s rich and varied history, including its industrial past. Follow the link to download a copy: Picturesque Pocket Guide to Fishpool Valley (PDF / 4.0859375MB) download

The pumphouse in Fishpool Valley, surrounded by autumn colour
The gothick pumphouse surrounded by autumn colour in Fishpool Valley, at Croft Castle in Herefordshire
The pumphouse in Fishpool Valley, surrounded by autumn colour

The Fishpool Dingle walk and Highwood walk will both take you past the Gothic pumphouse; don’t forget to step inside and explore the inner workings of this 'Picturesque' structure. Thanks to our supporters, urgent conservation work was carried out on the building and will soon be open for the first time in many years.