Space for your four legged friend

A dog walking through the parkland at Croft Castle in Herefordshire

With 1500 acres of parkland and beautiful gardens, paws are welcome to explore with you.

There are five way-marked walks to follow, which include ancient trees, a trip to the Iron Age hill fort or a short meander through the 'Picturesque' Fishpool Valley, complete with a family sized bird hide.

We know your four legged friend loves to swim but unfortunately dogs in the pools in Fishpool Valley can pose serious harm to wildlife by spreading disease. Please help us to care for wildlife by not letting your dog swim here. We're also reintroducing historic grazing into parts of the valley in summer 2019; please remember to keep your dogs on leads in the fenced areas of the valley in order to protect livestock.  

Treat yourself to coffee and a spot of lunch in Croft's tea-room
A family eating lunch at Croft Castle in Herefordshire
Treat yourself to coffee and a spot of lunch in Croft's tea-room

If you want to refresh before, during or after your walk, the carpenter's tea-room has an indoor glazed seating area where you can enjoy your meal and stay dry at the same time.

Your four legged friend is welcome to dine in the glazed area of the tea-room with you. He can also join you for a wander around the walled garden and the area outside the castle. The only places he can't go are inside the castle and till area of the tea-room. You'll find dog waste bins in the main car park by visitor reception.

Croft's parkland is also proud to support a tenant farmer who raises a beef herd in areas of the parkland near the walks. If your dog is not used to cows and calves, please ask about the best livestock free routes to follow as we want you to enjoy a relaxed walk during your visit.

Natural 'lawm-mooers' grazing in the park at Croft
Hereford bullock grazing in front of the ha-ha at Croft Castle and Parkland in Herefordshire
Natural 'lawm-mooers' grazing in the park at Croft