Croft's tempting treats

Croft has so many delicious treats on offer throughout the year. They're impossible to resist while you're here, so why don't you try and take a bit of Croft home with you, and recreate the smells and flavours of the delicious tea-room?

Young girl reaching for some delicious cake on a table

Winter spiced bake

Let the magic of winter enter your kitchen with this spiced bake

Some delicious pumpkin and pearl barley risotto in a bowl with a big chunky loaf of bread

Perfect pumpkin and sundried tomato pearl barley risotto

This dish promises to make your evening special as you curl up in the warmth of your kitchen and tuck into something seasonal.

A big bowl of apple crumble

Bramley apple and rhubarb crumble

Tuck into a tempting treat this autumn as our hearty crumble makes those cold nights crumble away...