Discover Croft Castle's story

Croft Castle has a rich and varied history, dating back over one-thousand years. Read on to discover the stories and tales of this special place.

A photograph of staff from a bygone era at croft castle, Herefordshire

Delve into the history of Croft Castle

Find out more about the Croft family and their involvement in some of Britain's most famous historical events. What's their connection to the 'Princes in the Tower' and who is buried in Westminster Abbey?

Spectacular hill fort at Croft Ambrey, Herefordshire

Ancient find discovered at Croft Castle

Excavations which spanned over a six-year period in the 1960s secured Croft Ambrey’s status as an Iron Aged Hillfort and scheduled monument. A recent discovery here now implies the land was actually occupied up to a thousand years beforehand.

The Quarry oak, Croft castle, Herefordshire

Meet Croft's ancient giants

Discover the majestic, gnarled trees of the Croft estate, some of which are thought to be at least a thousand years old.