Enclosed deer park completed

The final bricks are put in place to complete the three mile long wall creating an enclosed deer park.

1750 Painting of the enclosed deer park at Dunham Massey


Dunham's Lost Years

The 7th Earl George Harry Grey marries his second wife Catherine Cox, a former circus performer in 1855. Shunned by Cheshire society, George and Catherine decided to leave Dunham taking paintings, furniture and silver with them. Dunham was abandoned by the family for 50 years.

Portraits of 7th Earl George Harry and his wife Catharine Cox


The homecoming

The 9th Earl of Stamford, William Grey returns to Dunham Massey with his wife, Penelope Theobald and their children, Lady Jane Grey and the future Earl, Roger. Delighted to see the family return, Cheshire society greet the family's carriage as it travels through Hale and Altrincham and onto Dunham Massey.

The 9th Earl and his family at a party celebrating their home coming