Danbury Commons and Blakes Wood

Danbury Commons and Blakes Wood

Things to see and do 

A treecreeper

Blakes Wood to Lingwood Common walk 

Find your way to Lingwood Common on this easy-to-follow walking trail. Enjoy some great views over the Essex countryside and peaceful spots within the woods.

View of beech trees at Frithsden beeches with a broken pollarded beech branch in the foreground

High winds in the Essex countryside 

During the winter months when we see more high winds and storm events we ask that you walk in the open spaces away from the trees.

Peregrine Falcon

The peregrine soars in Essex 

A celebrated 20th century British nature writer, J A Baker, was inspired by Essex countryside, now National Trust properties.

Danbury Commons and Blakes Wood

What's on 

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Sorry, there are no upcoming events at this place.

Danbury Commons and Blakes Wood

Our work

The sun shines on autumn leaves at Danbury Commons

Managing Danbury Commons and Blakes Wood 

See what we get up to in autumn and winter to conserve the commons and woods.

Danbury Commons Essex Living Landscape Volunteers

See what we do here 

Find out how we care for the lowland heath, ancient coppice woodland and ponds of Danbury Commons, Essex