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How to make a leaf print tote bag

Looking down onto a table where someone is hammering leaves onto a cotton tote bag to create a pattern.
Making a leaf print tote bag | © National Trust/Bob Appleby

Autumn is a great time for creativity and mindfulness. Escape into the season with this eco-printing craft, where you can use leaves you’ve collected to create a leaf print on tote bags, cotton aprons or bunting. Follow our step-by-step guide or the video tutorial.

What you’ll need

  • A selection of leaves that you’ve gathered
  • The cotton fabric you’d like to print on
  • Masking tape
  • A hard surface, such as a wooden chopping board
  • A hammer or wooden mallet


Prepare your fabric
Lay the fabric out onto a hard surface, facing down. 
Arrange your pattern
Place your chosen leaves onto the fabric in your desired pattern.
Keep leaves in place
Secure the leaves down with masking tape at their stems.
Get hammering
With your hammer or wooden mallet, tap on the leaf with some light pressure. Make sure to keep your hands out of the way and ask an adult for help if needed. When you hammer the leaves, try and be gentle but firm enough to make sure that they print without breaking or moving them. Keep lifting each leaf to check your progress as you go.
The reveal
Peel off the leaf from the underside of the print – this will leave an impression behind.
Keep going
Repeat the process to create your pattern and your tote bag is ready to use.

Top tip

Look for leaves that have brighter colours. Fresher leaves will work best for this craft. Experiment on a spare piece of fabric if you’d like to try a few pieces of foliage before you work on the final print.

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How to make a leaf print tote bag

Follow along with the video tutorial to see how you can create a print using leaves. If younger ones would like to try this craft, make sure an adult is around to help out.

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