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Looking down on shortbread biscuits topped with rhubarb compote and mixed yogurt and cream, drizzled with red wine syrup. A cupful of cream and yogurt is to the right, and shortbread biscuits cool on a rack to the back.
Fragrant rhubarb compote with ginger and creamy yogurt tops off shortbread | © National Trust/Nassima Rothacker

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Whether you're looking for classic cakes, easy bakes or indulgent desserts, find inspiration for your next sweet treat to make and share at home.

Seasonal highlights

Rhubarb and ginger scones on a baking tray lined with paper, with a bunch of rhubarb alongside

Rhubarb and stem ginger scones 

The delicate balance of rhubarb and stem ginger gives a tasty twist to the traditional scone. They're perfect for a cheeky afternoon treat with your favourite cuppa.

Enjoy this indulgent no-bake tasty chocolate tiffin

Chocolate and sultana tiffin 

Looking for a way to use up some leftover chocolate? This chocolate and sultana tiffin treat is perfect for kids and adults alike. Enjoy with a cuppa or as a cheeky after-dinner pudding.

Carrot cake topped with creamy frosting, sunflower seeds and walnuts

Carrot cake 

Tuck into a slice of this classic carrot cake, spiced with cinnamon, topped with thick creamy frosting, crushed walnuts and seeds, and a sprinkle of carrot to finish.

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    Red pepper and sundried tomato fritters: a pile of three fritters on a board with a fork alongside, with red pepper and spinach pieces showing through the crisp batter


    From tried and tested classic bakes to healthy dishes the whole family can enjoy, find inspiration for your next meal.