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Pea and mint soup 

Fancy a soup that's going to brighten your day? This vibrant green pea and mint soup, that's suitable for vegans, will do just that. Packed with peas and fresh mint, it's the perfect dish to refresh your taste buds this summer. Serve alone or with your favourite bread or crackers. 

  • 30 minutes prep. time
  • 5 minutes cooking time
  • Serves 4 
  • Soups, stews & curries, Vegetarian & vegan
A bowl of pea and mint soup topped with mint-infused olive oil, with fresh peas in the background
Pea and mint soup topped with mint-infused olive oil | © National Trust Images/William Shaw


  • 25ml vegetable oil  
  • 150g white onion, roughly chopped  
  • 2 sticks celery, roughly chopped  
  • 200g potatoes, peeled and roughly chopped  
  • 10g fresh mint, roughly chopped  
  • 400g frozen peas  
  • Salt and pepper to taste  

To serve  

  • 30ml olive oil  
  • 5g fresh mint, finely chopped  


Add a lettuce, or extra garnish

Add a chopped Cos or Romaine lettuce along with the peas, for added vegetable content, or to use up a spare lettuce. If you have some in your garden, why not top the soup with some freshly picked pea shoots for some extra crunch and flavour?  

Step 1

Place a pan over a medium heat and add the vegetable oil. When hot, add the onions, celery and potatoes and stir well. Cover and allow to sauté for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables begin to soften.  


Step 2

Add around 500ml of water to the pan, along with the mint, and bring to a rapid boil.  

Step 3

Add the frozen peas, reduce the heat to low and leave to cook for no more than 5 minutes. Top tip: try not to boil the water once you have added the peas, to ensure it stays a fresh green colour.  

Step 4

Remove from the heat, allow the soup to cool slightly and blend until smooth. Taste and season with salt and pepper to taste.  

Step 5

Place the olive oil in a small pan with the chopped mint and heat gently for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and allow to cool and infuse.  


Step 6

To serve, spoon the soup into bowls and drizzle with the mint-infused oil.

Preparing fresh vegetables for the restaurant at Knightshayes Court, Tiverton, Devon


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