Meet the Family

Hamilton-Russell Family Dudmaston

Meet the Hamilton-Russells. Mark, Elfrida, Rachel and Oscar have lived at Dudmaston for four years. They welcome you to share in their home and to take pleasure in the beauty of the estate, just as they do.

When she left Dudmaston to the National Trust in 1978, Lady Rachel Labouchere asked for the Hall to remain a family home forever. Now home to the Hamilton-Russell family, Dudmaston is not perfect and pristine, but much loved and lived in.

" Throughout the changes in Dudmaston's history, I find it remarkable that there has been no break in family lineage. Having succeeded my Great Aunt upon her death, we, and my parents before us, are still continually finding new and exciting places to explore in this peaceful and tranquil corner of the county. It is our hope that, working together with The National Trust, we continue to add to the fusion of old and new which gives Dudmaston its unexpected unity – and Elfrida, I and our children Oscar and Rachel welcome you to our home and hope that you get as much enjoyment from the estate as we do."
- Mark Hamilton-Russell