Movers and Shakers at Dudmaston Estate

woodland, photo

Things have never stood still at Dudmaston. Since the 18th century the estate has been the inspiration or home to a series of ‘movers and shakers’ who have challenged the establishment, been inspired to innovate or simply had the desire to help people see things another way.

William Wolryche-Whitmore – challenging the establishment

Described as ‘a fine, tall, formidable man’, William inherited Dudmaston in 1815 and the family’s traditional seat in Parliament, but his views were far from traditional as he argued for Catholic Emancipation and repeal of the Corn Laws which did not go down well in 18th-century Shropshire. 

Captain Geoffrey Wolryche-Whitmore - a pioneering forester

Geoffrey saw the value of timber production on the estate and planted 200 acres of woodland and introduced new species including the Douglas Fir and Western Cedar tree. His work in forestry management brought national recognition to Dudmaston.

Sir George Labouchere - the lover of Modern Art

Sir George, husband of Lady Labouchere, was the British Ambassador to Spain in the 1950s and 1960s from where he bought paintings from the El Paso group of artists.
He was one of the early patrons of Modern Art in Britain.

Rachel, Lady Labouchere - preserving Shropshire’s heritage

In the 1970s there was the grave danger that historic sites, including the Iron Bridge in Ironbridge, Shropshire, would soon be beyond repair.
She was the campaigner for, and then President of, the Ironbridge Gorge Museum. Today it is a World Heritage Site.