One Lady's legacy and love at Dudmaston

Old photograph of Lady Labouchere

We had a hard decision to make about how to present the house. With over 850 years of family history, involving a host of different characters, what and who should we focus on to help bring our property to life?

An important figure

After lots of investigations and a mix of different ideas and views it was felt that everything came back to one significant lady; Rachel, Lady Labouchere.
She was Dudmaston’s last chatelaine, who gifted the property to the Trust in 1978; and so the work began.

Dedicated to Dudmaston

Sir George Labouchere was a diplomat and thus through their lives together they lived in various different countries throughout the world.
Their aim, however, was always to return to Dudmaston. As Lady Labouchere stipulated “If I agreed to share his life he must help me, eventually, in my task of saving Dudmaston”.
So how, we thought, can we bring the fascinating story of this wonderful lady to life?

How we made it personal

What you will see today is the result of a years' hard work. People that knew Lady Labouchere have come in to talk to us, and the many diaries and personal letters that we hold within our collection have all been read.
Our work ensures that we could tell you the story of her life as a diplomat’s wife, and the agreement she and Sir George had to come back to Dudmaston.

Art lovers

A new route has been developed, incorporating new rooms, and a journey through the life of the Labouchere’s whilst they were in diplomatic service.
You'll then find yourself in art galleries created by the Labouchere’s to house their extensive collections of both botanical and modern art.
Art was significant to both of them and Sir George was a firm believer in assisting up-and-coming artists.

Continuing their vision

We are still upholding his vision today through exhibitions in our tea-room and by supporting an artist in residence.
We do hope that you enjoy ‘modern Dudmaston’.