Our work at Dudmaston Estate

Path into woodland by the lake at Dudmaston Estate

Take a look at our projects across the house, estate and gardens and how we're working to display Dudmaston as the place that Lady Labouchere loved.

Presentation inspiration

Dudmaston has over 875 years of rich family history. With numerous interesting characters, all with their stories to tell, it is a challenge as to how we decide what to share and display. 
However, what you see today is very much down to Rachel, Lady Labouchere, Dudmaston's last chateline; the restoration work she carried out in the 1960s and 70s, her and her husband's collections and her own personal style. We work to present the house and estate as she created it.

A sustainable estate

Sustainability is high on our agenda at Dudmaston and our woodlands are managed by our ranger team. When a tree has to be removed every part of it is used.
Whether for firewood, furniture or chip to run our biomass boilers, nothing goes to waste and with our extensive replanting scheme Dudmaston will have woods for many years to come. 

Our gardens

Although we are unsure about the history of our gardens this is something we are currently working to change. A garden vision is being developed through careful reading of the archives, and other work.
Lady Labouchere loved the garden and an orchid was named after her during her time in Spain, unfortunately there are no surviving specimens.