Volunteer with us at Dudmaston

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We simply could not open the doors without the support and help from our fantastic team of volunteers. If you have just a few hours to spare, we’d love to hear from you.

Volunteering at Dudmaston is a chance to enjoy new experiences, make friends, learn skills, broaden your knowledge and share your enthusiasm. For many it's as simple as giving something back.

Whether you'd like to be front of house or behind the scenes, there's always a role to suit. Just a few hours one day a week (or fortnight) from all our volunteers helps us make Dudmaston the lively, beautiful place our visitors love.

Could you...

  • be a room guide?
  • talk to visitors about our wildlife and horticulture?
  • lead a tour of our Modern Art collection?
  • sell raffle tickets to help riase funds for our conservation work?

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Meet Peter Metcalfe

Meet Peter Metcalfe, volunteer photographer at Dudmaston, and let him introduce you to some of the beautiful images that he has taken during his time with us.