'50 things to do before you're 11¾' at Dudmaston

Dudmaston Comer Woods den building

Roll down the big hills in the garden or skim a stone in Big Pool. There are lots of opportunities to explore the great outdoors at Dudmaston by using the National Trust's '50 things to do before you're 11¾'.

Throughout the year, join us for organised activties to help you have a go at some of the '50 things'. In September, there's an opportunity to do No. 27 Go Stargazing in Comer Woods. Settle down for stories by the campfire before looking up at Dudmaston's night sky. For more details of our guided activities, take a look at the 'what's on' page on our website.

Bring your bikes and cycle the Explorer trail in Comer Woods
Dudmaston Comer Woods cycling family autumn
Bring your bikes and cycle the Explorer trail in Comer Woods

You don't always need us to help you explore the outdoors - there's plenty of ideas for nature adventures on the list of '50 Things' that you could do with your friends and family on your visit to Dudmaston. How about building a den in Comer Woods, playing pooh sticks in the Dingle, or birdwatching in the garden?

Play Pooh Sticks from the Dingle bridge
50 Things, Pooh Sticks
Play Pooh Sticks from the Dingle bridge

If you haven’t got one already, grab a ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ activity leaflet from reception and get ready for lots of outdoors fun and adventure. There are stickers to collect along the way too.

Read on for our top five '50 Things' nature activities to do at Dudmaston.

No. 2 Roll down a really big hill

Have you ever tried rolling or running or crawling down the steep bank in our garden? How many different ways can you get from top to bottom, or bottom to top? One thing is for sure, you’ll be huffing and puffing once you’re finished.

No. 5 Skim a stone 

Skimming a stone takes skill and technique. Are you up to the challenge? First of all you need to find a smooth, flat pebble. Then have a few practice goes. How many times can you make it skip across the water? Head down to Big Pool at the bottom of the garden or find one of the three pools in Comer Woods.

Seggy Pool in the evening sunshine
dudmaston comer woods pool family
Seggy Pool in the evening sunshine

No. 4 Build a den

Follow the Explorer trail in Comer Woods and take a break at the Scout Camp. It's the perfect halfway point to pause. Tuck into a picnic, climb the tree with many trunks or follow the tree stump path. A little further along the trail you'll find a great spot for den building. Gather natural materials and challenge your friends and family to build the best woodland shelter.

No. 11 Explore on wheels

Bring your bikes to Comer Woods and try out the 3.5km Explorer trail. This mixed surface route is a great place for a family bike ride in traffic-free surroundings. Balance bikes are available to borrow for free from the Shepherd's Hut, which opens from 11am at weekends and during the school holidays.  

No. 9 Eat a picnic in the wild

Whether you're tucking into cheese and pickle sarnies or sharing a tin of homemade brownies, there's nothing better than enjoying your lunch in the great outdoors. At Dudmaston Hall, roll out your blanket in the garden, or venture out into the woods for a picnic in the wild.  


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