Autumn colour at Dudmaston

Dudmaston big pool trees autumn

There's plenty to enjoy in Dudmaston's garden at this time of year. The trees in the Amercian Garden begin to turn beautiful shades of orange and gold and the garden team work hard to collect the apple harvest from the Orchard.

Apple pressing

The Orchard is a particular autumn highlight, producing an abundant and healthy harvest. Now is the perfect time to take a stroll through the trees to see local and historic varieties of apples in full fruit.

Learn all there is to know about this versatile fruit during Harvest Season (14 - 31 October) where you can press and sample our many varieties of home-grown apple – a fun day for the whole family.  

Apples ready for pressing on Orchard Day at Dudmaston
Apples at Dudmaston
Apples ready for pressing on Orchard Day at Dudmaston

Autumn colour

To see stunning displays of autumn colour, head towards the boathouse and look across Big Pool. At this time of year, the leaves on the trees turn beautiful shades of burnt orange and gold.

Once the morning mist clears from the pool, you'll be able to see the reflections of the trees in the water - a stunning seasonal reminder that cooler, shorter days are on the way.

Quince grows in the garden at Dudmaston
Dudmaston autumn garden quince
Quince grows in the garden at Dudmaston

Waxcap fungi grow on the lawn in the garden in late Autumn. There are red, orange, yellow, green and white ones but the really special one is the pink ballerina. These can be found at Dudmaston and nearby on the Long Mynd in the Shropshire Hills.