One Estate - Connecting Comer Woods

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We're improving access to Comer Woods to help supporters experience more of the 3,000 acre Dudmaston estate. Over the next 5 years, this will include improvements to visitor infrastructure, on-going conservation work and developments to our visitor offer.

The Dudmaston estate extends either side of the A442 between Bridgnorth and Kidderminster, with the hall and garden to the south west and Comer Wood to the north east.

With plans to improve access and revitalise existing routes and paths across the woodland area, we're working to connect the different parts of our estate and create more opportunity for outdoor exploration.

Bring your bikes and follow the routes through Comer Wood
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Bring your bikes and follow the routes through Comer Wood

We welcomed over 90,000 people to our Hall, garden and Dingle walks in 2016. This area is a very small portion of our 3,000 acre estate, which is why we're working to improve access to Comer Woods and connect the area to our existing visitor routes. Our main visitor site opens Sunday-Thursday from March to October. By opening up Comer Woods, we can welcome more visits everyday, all year round.

We've installed a pay and display car park in Comer Woods. Set back from the tranquil footpaths and meadow clearing, the car park doesn't disturb or obstruct peaceful views, but helps us to share our cause and conservation work with more visitors.

Parking is free for members. By scanning your membership card when you arrive at Comer Woods, you’re helping us to preserve the woodland and wildlife that call Comer home.

The woodlands have sustained the Dudmaston estate for centuries, through pioneering forestry techniques and expert wood craftsmanship. By connecting Comer to our existing visitor routes, we're working to inspire and share a deeper connection with our ancient woodland heritage.

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